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April 05 - 08, 2018

PAX East

We gather knowledge from industry veterans at our first international trip in amazing panels about game development, meet some of our heroes and more at PAX East.

June 26 - 28, 2019

BIG Festival

We prepare our first pitch presentation for BIG Festival's business meetings and seek professional feedback.


GDC 2020

Wrapping things up, we'll attend to GDC 2020 in San Francisco, California.

Full articles coming soon




(Highly immersive experiences, crafted with care and love, from cutscenes to gameplay)


(Challenging combat with smart and relentless enemies in fast paced action)


(Branching stories with multiple paths where failing still progresses the game. Your choices carry on to other games)

Opernhaus Game Studio is a small business company of software development (digital games) and original IPs. Funded in 2018, currently set in São Paulo, Brazil. The team behind the company are former designer/animator and former educational game developers.

Games with a highly immersive experience in an interactive world, cinematographic stories with joyful characters and meaningful storylines, challenging and complex combat mechanics, fun and intuitive gameplay.

Presenting a dark fantasy world able to expand and be considered a reference as a "classic" franchise.

Currently looking for business partners.


Ivory Beast (working title) is an action-adventure, singleplayer game, with a mystery-solving narrative in a dark fantasy world, branching questlines that result in different outcomes and a fast-paced challenging combat.

Fight, protect and become legend.

What kind of tales will they sing about you?



(Currently in development for PC and consoles)




Is it your desire to speak with us?

Whether you're an ambitious partner, a potential talent, or a possible admirer, we will be glad to hear your thoughts.


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